What I’ve Learned

What I learned on the last leg of our journey that would have helped a lot in the beginning.

– Find the baggage assistance area at the train station. They will take your baggage and help you pre-board. So much easier than fighting the crowds/escalators with two kids, suitcases, backpacks etc.

– Go ahead and erase the kid’s iPods. You have all the apps on your laptop and you can add new episodes of Adventure Time!

– Every chance you get, ship something home, you never know if that was the last UPS store you will run across and you will have to abandon or carry some heavy/bulky stuff you’ve acquired.

– Sometimes it’s worth spending $13 to watch a movie in the hotel room. A reward for kids who have walked miles and just want to lay around in their pajamas for the night.

– Every chance you get, do the laundry! You may not have access to a laundromat in the next city (I’m looking at you D.C.)

in General:

– Never forget to stop and enjoy. Ha ha, actually I’m pretty good at going slow and enjoying the moment. But as I’m writing this I’m tearing up looking at my kids and knowing that these moments with them are fleeting and how very very lucky I am to have this time to spend with them. Who knows, maybe they’ve learned a thing or two along the path.

– Notice what is around you in your regular day to day life. I was amazed to see how quickly commuters would walk by amazing views of the Capitol, Washington Monument etc. without even looking up!

– Our National Park Service is AMAZING!! Support them in anyway you can. Thank you to everyone who works hard to preserve our nations natural and historical areas.

– Little legs can walk long distances. Stop often for water & snacks.

What an amazing journey.

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