We Love Riding Trains

We caught the Amtrak regional from NYC to DC this morning. We were lucky we were at the end of the line, one of the Amtrak employees lead a group of us down a back escalator (side story, this is SCARY!! trusting your 8 and 9 year olds to be able to control their suitcases on the way down an escalator) and onto the back of the train very quickly. We were warned that every seat was going to be filled but we were in the warmest car in the line so we had tons of space to ourselves. The kids loved the freedom and space, I loved watching the countryside.

I checked the distance between Union Station and our hotel before leaving New York and could tell it was too close to justify a taxi ride. The boys bucked up and we walked the .3 miles to the hotel with a couple of stops to chase squirrels. As you can guess, bed jumping commenced the moment the argument over the key card ended.

Highlights of the day include; playing in the water at the Taft Monument, discovering Columbia Heights and accidentally running into a Panda Express (Colin has been begging for orange chicken for days.) Low light, perhaps our whiniest day yet.

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  1. What are you going to go see? The Native American Museum was amazing…but I think you are the one who told me to go there when I was in DC.

    Are you in DC for a week?

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