New York, End of a Journey, Izzy says goodbye to Pratt

We spent a good part of a day running around Central Park. Huge boulders are a dream for little boys.

Then we went in search of the birthplace of the modern cupcake movement. Magnolias. Yum.

The next day we wandered around Rockefeller Center and found Nintendo World!! Fantasy for these DS heads.

And the new Lego Store.

Kevin took the boys home and left me with a few days of bliss. If you get a chance to get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art while they are having the Bambu exhibit, go and enjoy! Amazing.

Friday morning, 7/30/2010, was the final exhibit of the art work created at Pratt’s pre-college program. I was so impressed/amazed at the talent and quality of the work.

Izzy’s projects on movement and observation from life and painting on cardboard.

Izzy’s painting is the green face that her friends thought looked like the teen pregnancy poster on the subway. The painting was still wet when we packaged it up and shipped it home.

A youthful self portrait.

The painting in the center and the gray on the bottom right were both taken from the lobby when we were off having lunch.
The artists.

I caught this when Izzy crashed. She did, indeed, paint with her feet.

A highlight was catching up with Mike! I wish he lived in Utah.

The walk back to the hotel took us right past Johnny Utahs.

This adventure is over.

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