Goodbye Sun, Hello Rain

We woke up Saturday to pouring rain. We went to the hotel gift shop in search of an umbrella with little luck until Colin pointed to a table with two small umbrellas, we picked them up and immediately a woman asked us where we found them. We got lucky! We waded through the water to get to our Capitol tour. I can’t believe how much has changed in two years. There is an amazing new Capitol Visitors Center. The tour guides are on mic and everyone has earphones. The tour is short. We all agreed that The Capitol is much more interesting (as a tour/building) than The Pentagon.

Stepping into the Capitol Rotunda

Every state has two statues of prominent figures from their state. We found one of ours! Where is Philo?

After the Capitol we headed to The Museum of American History

Wahoo! A reference to home : )
but this was the end of any energy for museums.

So we played with squirrels.

We took an evening tour of the monuments & memorials by pedi-taxi. I highly recommend this! Our Pedi-cab driver had a degree in history and was in the process of joining the Marines. He gave us an amazing tour of the monuments and memorials. The boys LOVED it.




The White House
(I can safely say that the tour is over now)

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