Boston Revisited

On 7/24 we left Maine for a few days on the water in Boston. We traveled through the Minuteman National Park on the way to Boston.

Henry at the Minuteman National Historical Park

The USS Constitution museum has an amazing gallery about what it would be like to live aboard like a soldier. The boys are trying to balance on a rope while they tie up the sail. Another boy is swinging it as if it were in the wind. This was not easy!

USS Constitution
Old North Church

I absolutely fell in love with Boston. There are so many piers and docks for boats, there are many people who live aboard! Boston skyline view from our boat.

Our adorable little engine-less boat! You can see Henry steering the ship.

The boys playing on the deck in the morning and started freaking out. I ran upstairs and sure enough, a HUGE barge was passing very close to our boat. It was so cool.

They are doing a little maintenance on the Bunker Hill monument. I love how it looks like the Freedom Trail is running all the way up to the top.

Another amazing museum. A great presentation on the battle of Bunker Hill.

Oh look!! We found John Hancock.

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