Growing Pains

I’m putting together the slideshow of baby/little kid pictures of all the 8th graders. I’m left deciding which to include of my own baby. These two picture captured right before and right as he is losing his baby teeth. I don’t know how to choose. I don’t know how to let this kid grow up. He is one of the very last boys who hasn’t hit that growth spirt quite yet. Most of his friends are a full head taller than he is. He is a tiny bit taller than me and Izzy, but not so tall.

Oh 8th grade. I’m so happy you are OVER! What an emotional roller coaster. But I am also very sad to see my baby leave middle school. I’ve loved all the music concerts. I love watching Henry play any instrument he picks up. The kid seems to know how to create a tune out of anything. I worry that he will lose interest in music with the vast number of kids in high school band or orchestra. He’s been ridiculously lucky to be in a small public middle school with a music teacher who just loves music and loves the kids. The last concert we went to, my last at this beloved school, Judson invited us to stay and listen to the musical story that each of these children has to tell.

I wish that for every child on this planet. That the world or someone will pause and listen to the musical story they have to tell.

As for this slideshow and the story of how this little boy has become a middle school graduate, I think I’m going with the pancake one. Mostly to remind Henry that he knows how to make them himself!

Last Days in Dublin

A great way to end this adventure. I want more. More stories, more history, more walks, more dinners, more childhood for my children. I want more moments. I struggle with feelings of scarcity. Profoundly pronounced right now. We will go home, and my children will not go on long walks with me after dinner. I will have to share them with their social worlds. Please press pause on this moment.

Cliffs of Moher

Ireland is beautiful. So so breathtakingly beautiful. Kevin and I really should have honeymooned here. It is bigger and more magical than all of your Irish imagination. One week is not enough! I need a month in Dingle alone! We focused on the Southwest corner of Ireland for this week and still didn’t have enough time. We drove our car on a boat!!! It was so cool! I’m feeling sad because our trip is coming to an end. I love this picture of Kevin and the boys because Colin & Henry look small and young.