We used Bath as our base to explore Oxford, Cambridge and Stonehenge. Unfortunately we didn’t leave enough time to really, properly explore Bath. All the sites were closed when we were in town, but I loved wandering the streets and alleys. Absolutely beautiful. Of course I loved imagining Jane Austen there.


I’ve been told by a few people that Stonehenge is just ok/not worth the fuss, so my expectations were set pretty low. We came upon it so suddenly that it took my breath away.

I do think it is worth visiting. Part of my awe was definitely the shared experience of seeing and appreciating this world icon. Part was the history and wonder, stories that have changed or evolved since I very first read about Stonehenge in the World Book Encyclopedia.

We knew this one was worth getting up early for, it paid off. We were on the first shuttle and for about 5 minutes it felt like we had it to ourselves. We had time and space to listen to the audio guide and sit and stare and wonder. The first of the big tour buses started pulling in just as we were leaving. It was a wonderful morning.


Oxford has an audio tour for prospective students, that was awesome. They also have an app with different highlights, one of which is a tour of where they filmed part of the Harry Potter movies! It was so cool to see the inside of Hogwarts!!

It is so hard for me to comprehend that Oxford started in 1096! The incredible rich history, the people who have come through here.

They were having graduation here too and I spied a mom walking with her robed son and I couldn’t help but imagine how awesome that must be. I felt like giving her a high-five.

On a side note, we heard more sirens the short time we were in Oxford than anyplace else we’ve been, and we’ve been to Rome and Paris! I don’t know if it was graduation parties or what.

Overall, a great day.