Travel during a Pandemic

I am heading home tomorrow, by airplane. I have a direct flight from Cabo San Lucas, Baja California to Salt Lake City. The world is in isolation, and I am moving from one isolated home to another but with a significant move in what is definitely NOT isolation. For a long time, the anecdotal Petri dish of disease has been an airplane. All those people crammed into a tube, breathing the same air, sharing a tiny bathroom, touching everything. I got this video in an email yesterday, I’m feeling much better about my flight.

Cabo San Lucas during a Pandemic

I arrived in Cabo San Lucas on March 9, preparing to have friends join me on March 15. Restrictions on travel recommended by the U.S. in those few days have left me isolated here, on the beautiful Baja Peninsula, alone. The weather is perfect, the sun rising and setting each day. The whales continue their migration north, even unobserved. If I didn’t turn on my computer to connect to the outside world I wouldn’t know anything was wrong. Is it better to feel helpless here, alone? or at home?