Notes from the Road

I am sitting in the Cherry Hill Park campground near (ish) to Washington D.C. We have our appointment with the FBI experience at 1:30 this afternoon. In order to get this free appointment we had to submit our social security numbers and birthdates to our congressman. Tomorrow we will have a tour of the capitol with a member of the congressman’s staff.

To get into the city we have to take a bus from our campground to the metro station and then the metro into the city. Today we get to time ourselves so we know how early we need to start in order to make our 10 am appointment tomorrow.

Our campground here is snug, all the sites are very close together. The picnic table is right next to our neighbors sewer line, it is falling out of the hole it should be very secure in. I’m concerned about eating next to what may be a massive raw sewage leak. The fire pit is also precariously close to this situation, I hope we can put our chairs out by the fire and roast a marshmallow or two without some horrendous stench or worse.

I just checked on all of our lines that are in the front lawn of our neighbors on the other side and they are as tidy as is possible. Ah the joys of close quarters.