Happy New Year!

Today is my Forty-Fifth Birthday! Wow, 45?! When did that happen? I guess it happened, and I wasn’t ignoring or not paying attention, maybe more like a really fast river that I’ve been watching, I’ve been knocked over by, I’ve ridden, and now all of a sudden I’m standing on the sand and the river isn’t as fast and I’m wondering how on earth I got here.

My 45th birthday came in like a lamb, stayed like a lamb and left like a lamb. 

Izzy got me a dirty diet coke, flowers and a GREAT book – MAPS! absolutely perfect.

Dinner where the boys ate. I hate to even write about how absolutely average this meal was, everyone just ordered and ate and talked and no one refused to eat or threw a fit. What a gift!

This year has been a gift. I’ve loved/struggled watching the kids grow and change. I’ve had the chance to slow down, pay attention, listen. I’ve spent a lot of time in California. Oh how I love California. I’ve started to be creative again and play.

My hopes for the next year include more laughing, less judging, more reading, less frustration, more creativity, more wholeheartedness, more play, more cursive!!!

Happy March Sixth World!!!