Lets Go

A random series of events led us to driving to Antelope Island Sunday morning for the Antelope Island Stampede and Kite Festival.

It turned out being amazingly fun! And true to Davis County Sunday events, not at all crowded.

My favorite moment was when I first heard the term “Professional Kite Flyers”

Wait, what? Did someone just say “Professional Kite Flyers”? I can totally see myself doing this. The announcer just said that this group has been TRAVELING THE GLOBE FOR EIGHT YEARS FLYING KITES!!! What have I been doing for the past 8 years? NOT THAT!

So, now I need to learn how to fly a kite, find a sponsor and hit the road.

Also, I forgot how cool Antelope Island is and I can’t believe none of my children have been swimming in the Great Salt Lake.