I can’t believe we have to leave the farm. I will miss this so much.

Not quite ripe, but almost. Maybe we should stay for another couple of weeks.

What great fortune to be able to see The Indigo Girls perform at the Oregon Zoo. I’ve always wanted to sway with the elephants, and what better concert that my all time favorite band. Colin thought that The Indigo Girls were shouting out “Rachel” as appreciation for my long time fan status. (They were actually saying “Thanks Y’all”)

This was my favorite Indigo Girls concert ever. The crowd was wonderful and the sing along was so lovely. Amy and Emily seemed so happy to be there, it really felt like we were all friends just enjoying music and singing along. I think that is a Portland thing.

Oh the turkeys. How perfect that they are sitting on the car just when we are packing up to leave. I am having trouble actually leaving, it has been another wonderful, magical visit. Suzanne and David have created such a wonderful nest.
The only problem with Suzanne and David’s bed is that there are always children in it. Mattress is a bit firm for my liking, a heel to the rib usually has me flying to Zoe’s perfectly soft mattress and cool breezes room. And I rest there peacefully until a discontent and fearful child comes seeking comfort, and once comfort is given proceeds to kick and turn and steal covers until once again I go searching for a solitary bed. And where on earth do you go searching a third time and a third time find a wonderfully comfortable bed with no one inside? And so it is that I sleep peacefully in Sam’s bed until morning. No, I cannot begin the next night in Sam’s bed, because then everyone will start there. Oh this dance we dance, at once so exhausting and so endearing. The clock is ticking and these boys are not going to need me to be this present for very much longer, but I cannot move forward I until I start getting a few nights of good sleep.

Our Farm Life

This farm is a gift. We are how I image the best versions of ourselves when we are here. We have nestled in here so tightly it will take rubbing alcohol and tweezers to get us out. 

Something about being on the farm, and maybe because of Powell’s, but everyone is reading. It would be absolutely absurd to find someone curled up with a book at home in Salt Lake, not here at the farm. The farm is where you find a quiet corner and read.

Everyone pitches in to take care of the birds, to fix meals, to clean. “Let’s go pick berries!” and kids put their shoes on and grab bowls. Colin gets excited to make pie!

I’m exhausted. In a good, purposful way. My children find purpose here. Maybe farm life is the life for us. I love city life, minutes from everything I need, annoyed if I have to drive 5, 10 minutes to pick up delicious food prepared for us in containers I don’t have to wash. Everything here is planned and thought out and executed, there cannot be too much spontaneity and that is just great. No one has told me that they are bored.

The more you pick, the more they grow.
This duck has a story. Always a treat to find him back in the yard.
Thinking about the fleeting years I have with the boys,  I can’t help but wonder (actively wonder) if this unplugged farm life would be better than our ultra plugged in city life. But who can make these decisions in late July in Oregon? I’m not moving anywhere until I’ve spent a February here.

Here are some Farm Girl things I have done this week:
  • captured 4 ducks who unwittingly escaped their yard and got them back safely
  • picked up 3 goslings who found themselves trapped in the duck yard and gave them back to their worried parents
  • carried pounds and pounds of water to waiting chickens and turkeys.
  • plucked two ducks from the water tub when they got stuck.


We love this city. We’ve been here every year since before the boys were born! Lucky enough to have had family here forever. We always take at least one day to do the absolute touristy things in Portland.

Every visit must include at least one trip to Powell’s to load up on books.

Loading up on donuts.

Being tortured waiting in line. 

VooDoo has this great sparkly brick outside.

This trip we ventured into unknown territory and stopped in at this great little pancake house called Slappy Cakes, where you make your own pancakes at your table with all sorts of fun toppings. It was a blast.

Of course I had to try the deep fried bacon!

Everyone was happy with this field trip!

Sauvie Island, Oregon

We drove from Salt Lake City to Sauvie Island in 13 hours straight. With one dog, one infant, two pre-teens and two single moms. It is exhausting to stop when someone needs to pee and exasperating when no one needs to go at the same time. 

Our second annual trip to Little Round Table Permaculture, Sauvie Island, Oregon began with this super rushed road trip. We were so happy to finally make it and hug my sister and be embraced in the wonderful and amazing “Farm Life”

They have a million birds. They are all interesting and unique and tame and wild. I had to include the cool pictures Henry took when he ventured into the coops all by himself one morning.
Turkeys are so cool. They are a little like dogs, when a human comes into view they come running, so happy to see you. (This is a little scary the first time when you don’t know if they are friendly turkeys or attack turkeys.)
Oh the beautiful and majestic Rooster.
One of the best reasons to keep your summer vacation centered on the 
West Coast!

Good Genes

I know it was a ROYAL PAIN to do a family talent,
but it I am so happy everyone played along! What a blast!

I’m happy that I have GOOD GENES!!!

(to the tune of Tangled’s I’ve Got A Dream)

We’ve got good genes
We’ve got good genes
Cliff and Fern the greatest team you’ve ever seen
First came Ann and she’s a dreamer
You can count us with the schemers
But like all the Williams clan
We’ve got good genes

I LOVE my family <3
See you all on Facebook and in 2016!