It is a new month and that means that I am talking myself into starting everything NEW, with a passion and absolutely no common sense. I do this at least every monday, the first of every month, every new moon.
My expectations for myself THIS month.
1. Lose 15 pounds, not sensibly but in a combination of starvation and wacky juicing/green smoothie.
2. Exercise everyday for at least an hour.
3. Get the house completely organized.
4. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner cooked at home.
5. Organize my round the world aspirations and write witty stories of the journeys I’ve already made.
6. Crochet for the baby, finish my halloween quilt.
7. Have a photo-a-day, sentence-a-day blog/journal.
So here we go.
Here I am. Grilling in the rain.
My breakfast.
Dinner, which managed to get on the dining room table.
The candles got more attention than the food. Henry ended up eating a bowl of frosted cinnamon toast crunch and Colin prefered two hot dogs dipped in maple syrup with honeycombs.